News in the life of Kasper Frank..

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Uhh.. where to begin.. Since my last post alot of stuff has been going on..

1) On the 18th of august my little daughter Ea entered the world! Having a child is one thing everyone should try in their life.. It doesnt get any bigger than that!

2) I completed the program with my 28kg kettlebell and decided to give the program a break, and start doing some more regular CrossFit instead of fucusing on the strenght aspect.

3) Martin and i launched – a community for everyone with a interrest in CrossFit and fitness. Things have been a little slow with the site in the beginning, but it is starting to catch on..

4) I have been certified as  a Level 1 CrossFit instuctor… Wuuhuu 🙂

5) I have started to do my workouts out in the fresh air.. I have packed a backpack, with my jumprope, a kettlebell, and my rings. Everyday i am then heading out to fint a perfect spot to do my workout.. It rock!

6) As of today, i have started on the paleo diet.. I will keep you updated on how this is going..

Peace out! 🙂


(Allmost) back in shape..

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Today i started on the RKT program again, after a 14 day break including a stay at Roskilde Festival, where huge amounts of alcohol, and other stuff was consumed.. 😉
Today was the light day so i did 5 ladders with 2 steps.. And i could easy feel, that my body not was up to speed.. But i completed, and that was the most important thing..

Stickin to the program..

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I am stille stickin to the program.. It is getting more and more boring everytime tough 🙂
Today i completed 5 ladder with 4 steps.. That is 50 reps with each arm, from floor to overhead with 28kg.. 1400 kg pr arm.. Weee.. 🙂
I can smell a heavyer kettlebell, not far out in the future..
Next sunday i am going to the Roskilde festival, i think it will be overkill, to drag a 28kg cannonball along with me, so unfortunately i will have to pause my workout for a week..
I have said it before, and i will say it again.. This program is worth a 2 pood kettebell in massive gold, for those of you who want to get stronger, fast!
When i started this program, i had no idea that it would escalate this fast. I had no idea that this was possible, without any use of steroids..
My new goal is to advance to 32kg before august..!
Ohh.. Allmost forgot.. I did 105 swings with my 32kg kb today.. In 6 minutes..

Workin the Kettlebell and new running shoes..

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The last two days i have been stickin to my RKT program, and i can seriously feel that i am getting stronger bt the day.. suddently pressing my 28kg kb, 75 times, doesnt seem so far out in the future.. I am hopeing to complete the first two ladder with four steps this monday.. (as the smart reader might have noticed, i have pushed my program one day, so that the heavy day, is on my day of..)

Today i took my new “five finger” running shoes for a short 3km test run.. And may i say, WOW! That is a complete new way of running.. I belive this is the way we were ment to be running! Is any of you are thinking about buying a pair, i dont advise you to wait.. Go ahead and buy them!

Workout nr 1.

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The heavy RKT program today..
I managed to complete 5 ladders with 3 steps today.. It was pretty hard i can tell ya that 🙂
I rolled a 7 on the dices and completed 132 swings..
As mentioned yesterday, i will do a leg WOD in the evening..


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Yo all!
I am sorry that i have been neglating my blog the last few days.. But i still stick to the RKT program.. But today i have to prospone my workout untill tomorrow.. (things have been hectic).
Tomorrow i am planning on doing two workouts.. My standard hard day RKT program, and some thing for the legs in the evening.. Probably workin on my pistol squats.. Today i actually managed to get 2 right ones 🙂

RKT – First Heavy day, with 28kg..

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Today i complete the following with a 28kg kettlebell:
1 c/p with each arm..
2 c/p with each arm..
3 c/p with each arm..
After that i had to skip the last step in the ladder.. So i maxed at 2 reps..
Completed the last 3 rounds like that..

The dices showed a 8, and i completed 153 swings within that time.. (it was rather hard)..
Happy sunday to all of you!